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Mais started in 2016, following the combination of solid experiences in international markets and the qualified academic background of the partners Jean M. Hoffmann, Alvaro P. Da Silva and Cristiano Körbes

Mais acts as an active facilitator in the internationalization process of companies and  as a consulting partner for custom internationalization projects. Through our support, our clients can count on specialized and professional management of their internationalization activities.



Experienced professionals with rock solid careers aimed at the internationalization of large companies.

Alvaro Pedó da Silva

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· Bachelor in Law

·  Specialized in International Business

·  Former Executive at Dakota, Cecrisa, Marisol, Novero (Germany), and E-Motion (Italy)

·  Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and capable of negotiating in French and German.

·  Managed branches of Dakota in the US, Marisol in Italy and E-Motion in Brazil.

Cristiano Körbes

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·  Bachelor in Business Administration with emphasis on International Trade

·  Specialized in International Business

·  Former Executive and International Sales Manager at Dakota S/A, Beira Rio Shoes S/A and Project Manager at ABICALÇADOS.

·  Fluent in English and Spanish

Jean Marcel Hoffmann

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·  Bachelor in International Trade and Economics
·  Specialized in Business Management
·  Former Executive at Portobello, Cecrisa, and Carmelo Fior, with more than 15 years of experience in the Ceramics sector.
·  Fluent in English and Spanish
·  Led Carmelo Fior to be the largest exporter of ceramics in Brazil

Bruno Sulzbach de Souza

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·  International Trade student
·  Fluent in English and Spanish




Exclusive selection of products from many different sources and countries.

Sourcing of brazilian products

Identify opportunities, select suppliers and products, control quality, and negotiate prices. We make sure our clients receive what they want, how they want and when they want. 

Company diagnosis and opportunity analysis

Deep evaluation of the company's characteristics, strengths and skills, aiming to identify the best opportunities in the international market.

internationalization operations

The paths to a company's internationalization are numerous and can require a very wide range of financial commitment and risk management. Mais Trading creates or optimizes the ideal structure for your business.

360° consulting

Mais Trading offers a custom service that consistently aims improvements in our client's business, through a end-to-end analysis and the implementation of the best and most modern practices in the market.


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Our value proposition is directly related to the benefits generated for our customers. Our biggest interest is to reach the desired goals with optimized time and resources. Result is our business.


The four decades summed experience doing business in more than 60 countries, gives Mais Trading the condition to present successful solutions that have been proven to work in other companies, sectors, and markets.


Custom solutions according to your goals and adapted to each market: whether in our neighbours of Latin America or in mature markets, such as the United States and Europe, or even in destinations less common to Brazilian businesses, such as Russia, India, China, Africa, and Oceania.


our mission

To promote foreign trade and integration among peoples, with ethics and responsibility, fostering the internationalization of companies for the benefit of all.

our vision

To be the reference partner of companies that seek to initiate, improve or professionalize their internationalization processes.

our values






Focus on results

Commitment and Partnership


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