alvaro pedó da silva

Alvaro is passionate about negotiations, big challenges, new markets and foreign languages. He has contributed directly to hundreds of trade agreements and negotiated on-site in 43 countries. He's specialized in Negotiation at Harvard Business School, as well as a postgraduate degree in International Business. Since 2013, he has been a professor of MBAs and Post-MBAs in Negotiation, Internationalization and Commercial Management.


giuliano moro

Gerente Nacional

na Imbralit

Alvaro is an outstanding professional, deeply committed to the company and superior results. He is a high performer and wide experienced executive, always focused on the short and long term business model. Very proactive and extremely creative, he is always seeking for opportunities to contribute to the company he is working for.

Zemenish Tadesse-Gebhard

Business Partner

at CSA Group

I met Alvaro during his interview for a position as Sales Development Manager at novero. I was the responsible HR Director conducting his interview. Alvaro attracted my attention right from the very beginning by his high skill of commitment and flexibility to take that job opportunity. He convinced through his authentic personality and wide ranged experience. I am sure that Alvaro would be an asset to any company as a professional resource but also as a highly motivated and engaged personality.

Gustavo manique


at CECRISA/Portinari

Alvaro was always very creative and skilled negotiating with clients and opening new markets. He also had great ability to deal with changes, solve problems and learning quickly . He in an easy-going person and, therefore, managed the team very well, putting a lot of confidence and motivation to pursue results and achieve the company goals. The time we worked together definitely allowed me to learn a lot from him.


Business Development Specialist

Alvaro is a fantastic person to work with. He is multi-skilled, having great organization skills and excellent sale and business development experience. Honest person and proactive perfectionist, Alvaro is an asset for any team he works with.

Cristiano is a dedicated and experienced professional with 25 years of action in International Business. Ever since his youth, he wanted to work in this field and explore the world. He is a International Trade graduate and has a MBA, both in Unisinos.
Cristiano is a former executive of large companies, such as Beira Rio and Dakota, and also at Abicalçados - The Brazilian Association of Footwear Manufacturers.

He has been actively doing business in more than 28 countries and, as manager of the Brazilian Footwear Project, led missions throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.








Cristiano demonstrou uma grande capacidade de liderança nas parcerias institucionais que tivemos durante todos este anos. Profundo conhecedor do setor calçadista e do comercio internacional onde teve oportunidade de expandir muito seus relacionamentos. Colaborador, comprometido, leal. Cumpridor de suas responsabilidades.



Gerente Comercial

na Calçados Beira Rio 

Eu e Cristiano trabalhamos juntos na Calçados Beira Rio, na área de mercado externo. Cristiano é um ótimo profissional, muito proativo e dinâmico. Destaca-se pela sua capacidade comercial junto aos clientes, de resolver problemas inesperados e de gerir equipes. Guardo excelentes memórias dos tempos em que trabalhamos juntos




na  M&C Associates

Cristiano Korbes es un profesional íntegro y responsable, con gran capacidad de liderazgo. Es un especialista en mercados internacionales, análisis de posibilidades y con gran visión de oportunidades.
Experto en las áreas de marketing, comercial, comunicaciones.
Profesional capaz de desarrollar cualquier tipo de proyectos. Su conocimiento global del mercado lo hace un verdadero experto, aliado ideal para todas las compañías que soliciten sus servicios.



Head of Business Development at Fiera Milano

Cristiano Korbes is a dedicated professional and a very pleasent person to work with. Attention to details and a clear vision are his strong points. Always a team player and a leader, Cristiano managed important projects putting companies and their objectives first. I was honored to work with him.



Diretor Comercial

na Cerâmica Carmelo Fior

Convivi vários anos com o Jean Hoffmann, tenho uma admiração pessoal e profissional pelo mesmo.

Profissional dedicado, estratégico e sabe onde quer chegar.

No período em que trabalhamos juntos na Carmelo Fior Cerâmica o mesmo impeliu um crescimento sem igual no nosso departamento de exportação, além de alavancar os números, nos deu uma visibilidade mundial, pois quase dobrou o número de países nos quais atuávamos, chegamos na sua gestão a atender mais de 50 países.



Sales Agent

at Cerâmica Carmelo Fior

Worked together with Jean for 5 years when he was the export manager at Carmelo Fior. He is great guy to work with. Jean is a very positive and energetic motivator. Definitely a team worker with strong work ethics and excellent negotiation skills.



International Business Advisor at SEBRAE

Jean is a excellent professional and a great person. Work with him was a pleasure. A dedicated guy, with open mind and amazing perspectives from the market.





Jean é profissional de excelente relacionamento, voltado para resultados e comprometido com a empresa e que sabe gerenciar com vistas à obtenção dos resultados almejados.



Jean Hoffmann's professional experience has always been strongly linked to international trade, where he aimed since the graduation courses on Foreign Trade and Economics.
Over the past 20 years, he has had the privilege of contributing to major companies, doing business in 64 countries on 5 continents, considerably increasing their export levels.
He has dedicated himself to specialization courses at major institutions such as ESPM, Dom Cabral, FGV and UDD-Chile, what allowed him to occupy important positions, such as Chairman of the Export Committee of ASPACER, Export Advisor of ANFACER, currently dedicating himself as Partner of Mais Trading.


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